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Sunday Is Not The Biblical Sabbath

In a news article titled Shopping, Scripture and the Sabbath: Why so many Christians are against plans to extend Sunday trading hours, the British government deliberated over whether to pass a law to extend Sunday trading hours. But Church leaders and Christian groups  from the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, the Church in Wales, […]

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Residents petition Walmart to close Walmart on Sunday

Two petitions posted on have made their way around Facebook, stirring up controversy on various local Facebook pages. The petition’s focus is on whether or not the new Walmart in Rexburg should be open on Sunday. She said there were a couple of reasons she felt Walmart should close on Sunday. “I would like […]

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Pope Tells Workers they have a “Right” to Rest from Work

The dignity of workers was at the center of an address by Pope Francis on Saturday, during which the pontiff reflected on the connection between the right to employment and the right to leisure. This “right to rest,” Pope Francis said, above all, refers to a “dimension of the human being which does not lack […]

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