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A recent news article was published entitled Scientists finally prove there is life after death. But the truth is that we might not be going to heaven. In this news article a team of British Scientists researchers made an attempt to know what really happens when a person dies. In their research they went over 2,000 cases and have established that thoughts continue on after their hearts stops beating.

The most valued characteristic of a human being is the God-given ability to think and to have conscious awareness of the thoughts we think. But what these Scientists failed to understand in all their so-called research is that thoughts requires a functioning brain. When an individual dies all brain activity ceases, as can be evidenced by an electroencephalogram. After death the characteristic brain waves, which indicate electrical activity, disappear and a straight line is recorded on the machine.

The true fact of the matter is as  stated by The Editor of Lancet, a journal dedicated to medical research, points out that “only a deliberate use of obsolete definitions of death can enable one to claim that anybody has, under clinical conditions, returned to tell us what lies beyond death, for by working definition, periodically updated, death is just beyond the point from which anybody can return to tell us anything.” Editorial, Lancet (June 24, 1978)

Similarly, Professor Paul Kurts comments, “We have no hard evidence that the subjects had in fact died. Such a proof is not impossible to obtain: rigor mortis is one sign and brain death is another. What the accounts actually describe is ‘dying process or near-death experience, not death itself.’” Paul Kurtz, “Is There Life After Death?” a paper submitted to the Eighth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, Los Angeles, November 1979.

Paul and Linda Badham observe, that “any person hovering between life and death must be suffering profound physical and psychological stress. A brain starved of oxygen, drugged by hallucinatory painkillers, or excited by fever is hardly likely to function properly and who knows what visions could be accounted for by its disturbed conditions?” Paul Badham and Linda Badham (note 9), p. 81

The real truth is that deathbed or near-death experiences are experiences of people who are still alive not dead, and whose mind have regained consciousness. Whatever they experience under such circumstances is still part of their present life and not of life after death.

Lazarus found in the Bible had no afterlife experience. Lazarus’ experience is a significant fact because he spent four days in the grave. This was not a near-death experience, but a real death experience.

If, as popularly believed, a  person is still conscious at death then Lazarus would have had an amazing experience to share about the four days he spent dead but Lazarus had nothing to share about life after death, because during the four days he spent in the tomb he slept the unconscious sleep of death. Read (John 11:43-44).

The True Description of Death

In the book of Psalms (Ps 13:3) we get the true description of death as sleep.

“Consider and answer me, O Lord my God; lighten my eyes, lest I sleep the sleep of death” (Ps 13:3).

This characterization of death as “sleep” occurs frequently in the Old and New Testaments because it fittingly represents the true state of unconsciousness in death.

These scientists  failed to see the true fact that “the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing” (Eccl 9:5).

There is no remembrance of anything not even of God in death: “For in death there is no remembrance of thee; in grave who can give thee praise” (Ps 6:5).

The reason for no remembrance in death is simply because the thinking process stops when the body with its brain dies. “His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that day his thoughts perish” (Ps 146:4). Since at death the “thoughts perish,” it is evident there is no conscious person at death.

The fact of the matter is that God is the only one who can tell us what death is like as He has done from His word, the Holy Bible. He is the one who created us and He is the one Who gives life and can take it.

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