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In a news article titled Shopping, Scripture and the Sabbath: Why so many Christians are against plans to extend Sunday trading hours, the British government deliberated over whether to pass a law to extend Sunday trading hours. But Church leaders and Christian groups  from the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, the Church in Wales, the United Reform Church and the Salvation Army expressed opposition to the proposal  of passing a law that maintains stores open on Sunday or to extend Sunday trading hours.

But what is so devastating and shocking is their argumentative position that they are using to fight against laws that maintain stores open on Sunday. They argue that Sunday isn’t just a regular day, but that Sunday has great value according to them. They claim that Sunday has its foundation found in Scripture. To support this they misuse certain Bible verses to illustrate Sunday sacredness and attribute to it the honor that belongs to the seventh-day Sabbath, the Biblical day or Saturday.

This is a great and awful deception in the minds and teachings of the Protestant Sunday keeping churches. They are attributing the honor of the Sabbath commandment to Sunday. They are also petitioning for civil legislation so that all men and women respect Sunday as the holy day of rest. This is both deceptive and wrong.  The Catholic Church and Protestant churches view Sunday as the Biblical Sabbath; but they do so without any Biblical or historical support.

There is no evidence in the New Testament that Christians ever interpreted Sunday to be the Sabbath which is the seventh day of the week or Saturday, the true holy day of rest. Sunday is not the Sabbath because it is a day that the Roman catholic church originated as their ecclesiastical mark of authority.

We can find those true facts in their own Roman catholic sources:

” The observance of Sunday by protestants is an homage they pay in spite of themselves to the authority of the Catholic church ” (Monsignor Louis Segur,  plain talk about protestant is him of today page 213).

”We observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday” (Peter Geiermann, CSSR, A Doctrinal Catechism, 1993, pages 582, 583).

For the Catholic Church to say that Sunday is the Biblical Sabbath is being deceptive on their part. To attempt to “Christianize” the day of the Sun is a big eye-opener to pagan nature and origin of Sunday-keeping. It is apostasy and and a departure from God’s word. For Protestant Sunday keeping churches to defend Sunday as the Sabbath makes them complicit and conspirators in this deception.

The true Sabbath is  the seventh-day Sabbath or Saturday.  May the Lord help us to see this truth from the plain holy word of God.

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